Grilled Apples can be made as a side for chicken or pork, or, without the herbs and salt and pepper it can be made as a dessert. Caramelizing fruit on the grill, which is cooling the sugar, brings out the flavory along with a great smoky taste.

grilled apples


Whatever type of apples you want as any apple will sweeten when caramelized, I like a few green Granny smith and a few red variety to mix up the colors.

*If you are preparing the slices the day before, you can add them to water and lemon juice. The lemon juice will inhibit the apples from browning even when sliced.

Cut them into 1/8ths, or in sections that have been cored.


For Dessert style: White Cane Sugar

Cinnamon powder

Powdered sugar for garnish if you like.

For Dinner style (great accompaniment to pork and chicken meals):

Salt and pepper to taste, plus either mint or thyme to taste.


How to cut the apples:

Cut into sections. Remove core with paring knife.