Phone: (401) 851-7989
997 Wapping Road, Middletown, RI


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Phone during off hours is 203 921 9500 (Greg Ostheimer)
During hours we are open, call the orchard at 401 851 7989

Owned by Greg and Katy Ostheimer, Rocky Brook Orchard is a family-run enterprise with over 80 varieties of apples, including some hard-to-find heirloom types. Aquidneck Island’s first pick-your-own orchard, Rocky Brook Orchard also has several kinds of pears and quinces and is open weekends only from Labor Day throughout October. We’re not like other orchards, which rope off trees that are not ready for picking. Instead, we’ve devised a colored spool system that indicates which trees have ripe fruit. Early in the season, red spool trees should be picked, followed by orange spool trees, then yellow, green and finally blue, in mid/late October. We’re proud of our orchard and encourage people to bring a picnic and enjoy their time spent under the trees.

Crops offered and season for picking:

Apples, pears and quince, from Labor Day to end of October.

Dog Friendly Orchard?
No, we love dogs but do not allow them in the orchard.

Other Fun things you’d like to tell us about:

We have a few trees that have both green and red apples on them. Hunt for them while you are there!


We bought the farm from the family of the original owner, George Lopes, in 1999. Mr. Lopes ran Rocky Brook Farm for over 40 years. We re-opened Rocky Brook Orchard in fall of 2001 as a pick your own, hoping that the community would be ready for something new. And they were. We’ve been fortunate to have a growing business since opening, and almost every year have planted more trees to ensure we have enough fruit to last the season.

What are your recommendations for people, for enjoying apple picking?

Be knowledgeable about what is ready. You do not want to be disappointed by picking something that is not ready! Also, come when we open. An orchard first thing in the morning is a bit of heaven on earth; the dew is still on the apples, the light is beautiful and all is quiet.

What makes your orchard special?
We run a simple operation – there are no hayrides, no pies to purchase, no pumpkin patch – just apples, pears and quince and just about every variety you can imagine! The orchard itself is very pretty; the trees are full and there are benches spread throughout for sitting. We even built a gazebo a few years ago so our customers have somewhere to sit out of the sun.

What’s your favorite uses of your own crop, or your favorite recipe?
We love making our own apple sauce, and also have a great recipe for Tart Tartine. We also love our customers who bring us quince jelly!